Equipment list reflects the current investment plan and other facilities available through the collaboration within the department. Donations for the equipments on the wish list (highlighted in purple) will be appreciated.

3. Laser annealing system

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3. Laser annealing system


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Exploratory Electronic Hybrid Device Lab(EXEL)

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1 Raman Spectrometer (514nm, 50mW, 1um-250um spot, areal/line mapping) Installed Graphene analysis
2 1 RF/ 2 DC 4” PVD system (3 targets) Installed Graphene process
3 Laser annealing system Installed Graphene process
4 Clean work bench (Class – 100) Installed Graphene process
5 Chemical hood Installed Graphene process
6 Chemical spin sprayer Installed Graphene process
7 Clean booth Installed Wet cleanning process
8 Plasma Asher Installed Graphene etch
9 Contact aligner Installed Device patterning
10 Stamping equipment Available in dept Graphene process
11 D.I. Generator Installed Device Fabrication
12 Clean room conversion for the lab Installed Device Fabrication
13 Optical microscope system Installed Device Fabrication
14 E-beam evaporator Installed Metal contact
15 Rapid thermal annealing system Installed Thermal annealing process
16 Plasma etcher Available in dept Device Fabrication
17 Atomic layer deposition Installed Device Fabrication
18 Critical point dryer Installed Device Fabrication
19 Film thickness measurement TBM, 2012 Device Fabrication
20 EM Shield test room Installed RF, Noise test
21 100mm Electrical/optical prober on anti vibration table Installed Semiconductor device test
22 Parameter analyzer (Keithley 4200) – HV Installed Semiconductor device test
23 Parameter analyzer (Keithley 4200) – LC Installed Semiconductor device test
24 Parameter analyzer (Agilent 4156C) Installed Semiconductor device test
25 Impedance analyzer (4294A) – HV Installed Semiconductor device test
26 Impedance analyzer (4294A) – LC Installed Semiconductor device test
27 Pulse generator (81110A) Installed Semiconductor device test
28 Pulse generator (81150A) Installed Semiconductor device test
29 3000mm manual probe station(-50C to 200C, Leakage 50fA, ambient control with pseudo vacuum) (MSTECH 12000C) Installed Reliability, nano device test
30 Digital oscilloscope (DSO7104, 1GHz) Installed Semiconductor device test
31 Internal photo emission system Installed Semiconductor device test
32 Signal Analyzer (35670A)+Current amplifier (SR 350) Installed Noise test for bio sensor
33 Electrometer (Keithley 6517B) Installed Internal Photo Emission
34 Nano voltmeter/Nano Ammeter (6220-2182A) Installed General electrical test
35 Pico ammeter/ Voltage Source (6487) Installed General electrical test
36 Dual-channel pico ammeter (2502) Installed Optoelectronic device test
37 Cryogenic tester for a packaged device Available in dept General electrical test
38 300mm semi-auto probe station Installed Reliability physics study
39 Cryogenic RF probe station(2″ or above) Installed Reliability physics study
40 Vector network analyzer TBD RF Test
41 Agilent parameter analyzer(1500) Available in dept General electrical test