Kang, Soo Cheol (S.C.Kang)

Ph.D 2013-2019

Current affiliation
2021 -, Samsung Electronics

since 2013 :   Ph.D., Dept. of MSE, GIST

2011 – 2013 :   M.S., Dept. of MSE, GIST

2005 – 2011 :   B.S., Dept. of Physics, Chonbuk National University

Research Interest

Reliability of high-k MOSFET

Electric characterization method for semiconductor devices

Enhancement Ferroelectric properties of PVDF-TrFE



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Other Expertise


2006.04~2008.07 Served Military service at R.O.K Air Force

Technical Skills

Gate dielectric reliability

Electric characterization of semiconductor devices

Ferroelectric polymer material device fabrication process

Course Work


Introduction to mechanics of materials.

Semiconductor Memory Device.

Flexible Electronics : Materials and Applications.

Compound Semiconductor Device Processing

Solid State Electrochemistry

Device physics for nanoscale solid state devices

Introduction to patents

Advanced Electrical Characterization Methods for Nano Scale Device

Ph. D

Venture Creation

Theory of Semiconductor Devices.


Solid state physics