Kim, Jin Ju

Ph.D 2010-2014


Current affiliation
2014 - , SAMSUNG System LSI

since   2010 :   Ph.D, Dept. of Nanobio Materials and Electronics, GIST

2011. 3~2011.8: IMEC, Device Reliability and Electrical Characterization team (Internship program)

2008 – 2010 :   M.S., Dept. of MSE, GIS

Research Interest

Reliability of high-k MOSFET & FinFET

Electrical characterization method for semiconductor devices

Gate Stack Technology

Other Expertise


2011.3~2011.8 : Internship program, IMEC, Device Reliability and Electrical Characterization team (Leuven, Belgium)

Technical Skills

Gate dielectric reliability

Electrical characterization of semiconductor devices

Course Work


Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics I

Solid State Electrochemistry

Semiconductor Processing

Solid-State Physics

Advanced Thermodynamics

Energy Conversion Chemistry


Lithography Proces

Ph. D

Post CMOS Hybrid Device Technology

Electrical Characterization for AdvancedNanoscale Devices

Advanced Electron Microscopy

Semiconductor Devices on Single Crystalline and Unconventional Substrate

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

Introduction to Patents