Lee, Sangchul

Ph.D 2010-2014

Current affiliation
2017 - current, ULVAC US

Since  2012 :   Ph.D, Dept. of DNE, GIST

2012. 01 ~ 2012. 08 :   Ph.D, Dept. of MSE, UT dallas (exchange student)

2010 – 2011 :   Ph.D, Dept. of DNE, GIST

2008 – 2010 :   M.S., Dept. of MSE, GIST

2001 – 2008 :   B.S., Dept. of CE, Chungnam National University

Research Interest

Fabrication and characterization of graphene FETs

Graphene-based flexible electronic devices

Carrier type control of graphene FETs by doping

Graphene electrodes for electronic devices (solar cell, memory and organic FET)

Other Expertise


Exchange student in University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) (2012. 01 – 2012. 08)

Technical Skills

MOSFET characterization using DC & pulse I-V measurement

(Keithley 4200, Keithley 4200 with PMU)

Current-Voltage measurement (Keithley 4200)

Micro-Raman measurement and analysis

Temperature variable electrical characterization (Cryostat)

AFM, EFM and SKPM (Park system XE-100 and NX-10)

Hall measure, UV-Vis spectroscopy, PL measurement

Annealing (Furnance annealing)

Etching (RIE, other chemical etching)

Lithography (Photolithography)

Material deposition

(Thermal evaporator, Electron beam evaporator, Sputter and  Atomic Layer Deposition)

PDMS (as flexible substrate or fluidic channel)

Graphene film growth by CVD

20Th XE basic user training (Contact, Non-contact mode etc.), Park Systems Corp., 2010.

Course Work


Organic Materials for Electronics and

photonics I

Organic Materials for Electronics and

Photonics II

Physical Properties of Polymers

Organic Synthetic Chemistry

Polymer Synthesis


Supramolecular Materials

Materials Chemistry for Organic Electronics

and Photonics

Ph. D

Electronic Properties of Materials


Nanobiomaterials: Preparation and


Solid State Electrochemistry

Advanced Thermodynamics

Characterization of Dielectric Thin Films