Jung, Uk-Jin (Ukjin Jung)

Ph.D 2010-2015

Current affiliation
2016 - , SAMSUNG System LSI

since 2012 :   Ph.D., Dept. of MSE, GIST

2010 – 2012 :   M.S., Dept. of MSE, GIST

2006 – 2010 :   B.S., Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University

Research Interest

Electrical characterization method for semiconductor devices

Electrical characterization for Graphene FET



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Other Expertise

Technical Skills

Schottky barrier measurement using Internal Photo Emission spectroscopy (IPE)

Cryogenic dI-V measurement

Raman spectroscopy measurement and analysis

Material deposition (thermal evaporator)

Etching (RIE, other chemical etching)

Charge pumping measurement (pulse generator)

Capacitance-Voltage measurement (Agilent 4294)

Si MOSFETs electrical characterization (current –voltage measurement)

Photolithography process

Course Work


Device Physics for Nanoscale solid devices

Electronic Properties of Materials


Semiconductor Processing

Post CMOS Hybrid Device Technology

Electrical characterization for advanced nano-scale devices

Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics I

Nanobiomaterials: Preparation and Characterization

Ph. D

Flexible electronics: materials and Applications

transmission Electron Microscopy & crystal characteristics

Introduction to patents

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

Solid State Electrochemistry

Advanced Thermodynamics