Lee, Chan Bin (C.B.Lee)

M.S. Course



2023 - present : M.S Course, Electrical Engineering. POSTECH

2017 - 2023 : B.S Course,Department of Electronic Materials Engineering, Kwangwoon University



이찬빈, 김승모, 황현준, 이병훈, "Morphotropic phase boundary 구조를 갖는 Hf 유전막 특성 연구", The 31th Korean Conference of Semiconductors (KCS), (2024)

Hae-Won Lee, Inseo Baek, Yongsu Lee, Minjae Kim, Kyuheon Kim, Chanbin Lee, Hyeon Jun Hwang, Byoung Hun Lee*, "A study on the effect of high-pressure hydrogen annealing on ultra-thin ZnO field effect transistor", Nano Convergence Conference (NCC), 2024.